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Hey, look Mum, I'm in the news! *waves*

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

. . . well, the book news, that is. And in my world that's very big news indeed.

I've teamed up with Puffin Books, BBC Planet Earth and illustrator Emily Dove to make Blue Planet II - my first children's book. Better still, it's the first in a new series. More on that soon.

The BBC Planet programmes blow my mind. I laugh, I cry, I stand on the sofa and shout things like “c’mon you can do it!”. And even though the Bobbit worm still haunts my dreams, I’m honoured to tell his story and so many more in these incredible books. Stories that bring to life the magic of the natural world to inspire kids across this extraordinary planet – a planet worth protecting!

But we've got a bit of a wait yet. . . 5th November until Blue Planet II goes on sale. I'll make a splash when it does (pun intended).

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