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My biography (minus the koala)

Leisa Stewart-Sharpe is a trained journalist turned children’s author, who writes stunning non-fiction and picture books. All of her books have one thing in common . . . they're about wild creatures, living in wild places, for WILD children!

Originally from Australia, Leisa's childhood inspired her curiosity for the natural world and its strange and wonderful creatures. Her books are published internationally in 12 languages. Her bestselling books Blue Planet II,  The Green Planet and Frozen Planet II are part of a major children’s non-fiction series in collaboration with BBC Earth. Leisa has also written non-fiction on conservation - What a Wonderful World -  and exploration - How Does Chocolate Taste on Everest?. Her picture books include Wild Life - the Extraordinary Adventures of Sir David Attenborough and The Beastly Bunch. With plenty more books on the way!

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