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Fun Stuff

Copyright Helen Shoesmith


Frozen Planet II Classroom Poster

A beautiful double-sided poster that celebrates the animals that call Earth's frozen habitats home.

The Beastly Bunch_Spot the difference V3 (2).jpg

Spot the

Join in the party and see if you can spot the difference.

Geography Lesson

How my books can be used in your school

Support for teachers on how my books can add a bit of adventure to your geography and science lessons.


Spend a day in Jungle School

Experience what it's like to be an orangutan at Dr Peter Pratje's Jungle School!

bpii video photo.png

Video Storytime

A 3 minute storytelling from Blue Planet II - perfect to play before you make your toilet roll shark. 


Video Treasure Hunt

Watch the 6-minute video and solve the 10 clues in a treasure hunt around your house!


Your animal finder

Find out which Blue Planet II animal you are with this homemade fortune teller.

Screenshot 2022-11-07 at 12.24.24.png


Join illustrator Pippa Curnick as you learn how to draw your very own FABULOUS flamingo!

The Beastly Bunch_Maze_V1.jpg

the maze

Help Flamingo Flo find her friends and get back to the party!


How DOES chocolate taste in high places?

Join me in my experiment to taste chocolate in all the high places I can reach in a pandemic! 

Make a Plastic Bottle Orca.png

Make an orca

A FINtastic plastic bottle orca for ages 5+ using basic bits from your recycling. 


Make A Shark

A jawsome toilet roll shark for ages 5+ using basic bits from your recycling.

treasure hunt video slides.jpg

Treasure Hunt

If you've watched the film, here's where you'll find the answers. 

The Beastly Bunch_Colouring Sheet V3 2_edited.jpg

me in!

Bring the party to life by colouring in the Beastly Bunch!

Screenshot 2022-05-06 at 10.43.16.png

Make a pet fire salamander

Sir David Attenborough was given a Fire Salamander on his 8th birthday. Why not design your own?

10 small changes.png

Green Tips Poster

My 10 Small Ways for a Big Difference poster to print out for home or school.

wbd PROMO.jpg

FREE World Book Day Workshop

A 15 minute video including story time, games, eco tips and bookmark craft.

crab final.jpg

Make A Crab

An easy origami bookmark in a snap so you'll never lose your page.

Screenshot 2020-11-06 at 14.31.42.png

Activity Pack

From find a words to draw your owns - a perfect pack for puzzlers.

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