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COVER REVEAL! Dive into Blue Planet II

Monday blues took on a whole new meaning today, as the front cover of BLUE PLANET II finally made its splash. This is my children's non-fiction debut, beautifully illustrated by Emily Dove.

Often described as the greatest nature series of all time, young readers will get the chance to meet an incredible cast of creatures from the landmark BBC Earth Series. This glorious children’s non-fiction book captures all the drama and humour of the show, from the terrifying bobbit worm lurking on the sandy seafloor and sleeping sperm whales, to the plastic problem choking our seas.

Behind Emily and I are the incredible teams at Puffin and the BBC, with special mention to otter loving editor Emily Lunn and Puffin designers Monica Whelan and Elizabeth Catchpole. And that’s before you get to the army of BBC producers reliving their encounters in the wild for each story. And of course special mention to my agent Alice Sutherland-Hawes who helps me stay on course!

And did you spot the very special guest on the front cover. . . ? That’s right, legendary Sir David Attenborough himself has written the foreword. This book really is going to be something very special indeed!

I feel like my childhood spent splashing on the Great Barrier Reef was the perfect training to take on this epic book. Emily's a certified naturalist and her illustrations do an exquisite job of helping to excite little people about our natural world.

Blue Planet II may not hit the shelves until November 5 2020, but you can pre-order your copy now at:

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